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Droplet Computing provides a software based containerization solution that delivers secure containers to end point devices, such as Windows, Mac , Chromebooks, and Linux based desktops and laptops, as well as cloud based desktop services. The container allows you to install your applications into it, ensuring complete isolation from the device and the host OS upon which the container runs.

Containers are built by IT as easy to deliver gold or master images that contain the apps you want to deliver securely, such as legacy apps for example. Although referred to as legacy apps, typically these apps are still very much in production, however, they are often seen as a blocker to moving onto a new OS, delivering BYOD, or migrating to a cloud based desktop platform.

Not to be confused with application virtualization, or any other form of VDI or app packaging solution, Droplet Computing containers allow you to deliver your apps without the need to package, virtualize, or sequence them using a third party solution, or be bound by only delivering them to Windows end points. Your apps are now fully portable, and containers can run across multiple device platforms, both online and offline.

Droplet Computing containers do not modify the device. You simply install the Droplet Computing App along with the container image that has the apps installed in it. The apps inside the container are not modified in any way either. They are the exact same apps that you would use on any other device. For example, with Droplet Computing you can run the full Windows version of Microsoft Visio on a Mac, Chromebook, or Linux host machine, without needing to be online. The applications run exactly as your users are familiar with, and with all the features and functionality they need and expect to see.

Apps run natively, enabling features such as printing as well as being able to save documents, either saving them locally in the container, on the host machine, a mapped or shared network drive, or even using synchronized cloud storage services.

In summary, Droplet Computing containers enable you to run your apps across multiple device platforms, regardless of the operating system, either online or offline, delivering true app freedom.