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Disaster recovery (DR) planning has a reputation for being difficult and time consuming. Setting up alternate processing sites, procuring hardware, establishing data replication, and failover testing have been incredibly expensive undertakings. To top it all off, the need for 24x7x365 business application availability threatens to make disaster recovery planning an exercise in futility.

Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS, is turning the DR business on its head. The responsibility for all of the gritty details one used to have to juggle in order to ensure that every system, file, database record, and network element was duplicated at an alternate processing site can now be passed onto a trusted service provider. A face — not just an interface.

DRaaS is bringing true DR capabilities to an entirely new pool of organizations — folks who previously considered DR to be out of their reach. Today, DRaaS makes setting up DR almost as easy as setting up a new smart phone — seriously. People who set up DR using DRaaS are amazed at how much knowledge they aren’t required to have. This makes DRaaS available and attractive to an even larger audience.

DRaaS For Dummies lays the foundation for this new approach to DR. After reading this book, you’ll have a new appreciation for DR professionals and how difficult it used to be for them.