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Protecting remote access for a busy law firm

Capsticks is the leading national healthcare law firm and also has unrivalled expertise within the social care and social housing sectors.

For a number of years, the company had a remote access system in place – its lawyers were able to log on from home or other remote locations, which helped boost the firm’s productivity and give employees more flexibility in their work structure.

But remote access was only secured with a password. With over two thirds of security breaches being down to weak or stolen passwords, Capsticks’ IT team were hyper aware of the vulnerability of the firm’s systems. As Tim Bond, head of IT at Capsticks explains, “as a law firm, many of the cases we deal with are very sensitive, so the data we store is confidential. We were conscious that where our remote working environment was concerned, our security was only as good as the weakest password used by our employees. We needed to find a solution and quickly.”

In addition to increased security, it was vital for Capsticks and its team of busy lawyers that the solution was a user friendly one.