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Amey uses Censornet MFA to secure government contracts

Amey provides employee secure remote access for a number of UK government contracts, allowing their staff to work while on the move, at client sites or from home. Amey was working with a government contract customer to do just this – remote working makes an important contribution to the customer’s workforce productivity levels, so securing this access was vital.

Security threats are proliferating all the time and almost two thirds of network breaches involve weak or stolen passwords. Being aware of this, David Barrie, IT Systems Manager at Amey wanted to upgrade the government contract customer’s user authentication solution to protect its remote access environment, without adversely affecting user productivity.

The customer’s remote access solution was secured using traditional two- factor authentication with a combination of hardware and software tokens. As David explains, “the solution that was in place wasn’t very convenient or easy to use, which hindered users’ productivity and made their jobs more difficult to do. Added to that it was expensive to maintain.”