Boosting Internet Access Link Performance with Symantec WAN Op Tech_Page_1

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Gateways to Internet traffic are facing unprecedented loads and growth rates in all types of industries and organizations due to the growth of mobile traffic carried by internal networks, growth in software-as-a-service (SaaS) in all kinds of fields, and through external events like product changes that organizations cannot control. Symantec provides the tools you need to build a safe and cost effective gateway to the Internet. With these powerful tools, you’ll be able optimize the performance of your Internet access link by:

  • Gaining clear visibility to the web and application traffic running in your network
  • Exercising granular control by classifying and prioritizing traffic so that business-critical applications can be prioritized while recreational traffic is contained
  • Accelerating web, video and cloud application performance with advanced caching technologies
  • Redirecting recreational traffic directly to the Internet to save bandwidth and WAN connection cost

Overall, combinations of Symantec products placed at the Internet gateway on any production network can change the Internet experience for all involved. This paper will show you specific configuration options for Symantec products that enable this to happen.