Advanced Cloud-Delivered Network Security for the Cloud Generation_Page_01

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The traditional approach to enterprise security has been rendered obsolete by a perfect storm of mobile users, remote offices, cloud apps, compliance obligations, and evolving security threats.

With employees wanting to access apps and data directly from the Internet, legacy security solutions—which require traffic to be routed back through the enterprise data center to enforce security and data compliance policies—are no longer effective.

Today, network operation and security teams need answers to these questions:

  • How do we simplify our network security and reduce the amount of Internet traffic we are back-hauling?
  • How can we improve the performance of our solution?
  • How do we protect users from new/evolving threats from the web and the cloud?
  • How do we secure data and maintain compliance with increasingly strict regulations?
  • How do we effectively manage remote access, mobile users, and unsanctioned devices?

The new reality of enterprise network security calls for a comprehensive cloud-delivered security solution with advanced capabilities that enforces consistent threat protection and information security policies for all of your users wherever they are.