Tintri All-Flash Storage

Tintri All-Flash Header Image

All-flash arrays that maximize performance for your applications and the people who manage them

The Tintri All-Flash Array controls each application automatically, so you don’t have to. Tintri guarantees performance, crunches real-time analytics, and predicts future needs—all at the application level. And with the T1000 Array, remote offices and individual departments can experience Tintri too. Now you can rest easy.

Tintri VM Lanes

Isolate your applications

With the Tintri all-flash array, you can automatically assign each application its own lane. Plus, set per-application quality of service by just dragging and dropping. It’s never been easier to manage your applications.

Tintri Automation

Get more done with automation

The Tintri all-flash array offers a set of REST APIs, as well as a PowerShell Toolkit and Python SDK. That lets you automate provisioning processes, policy applications and more. No more cloud bottlenecks for you.

Tintri Analytics

Real-time analytics for each application

Deep dive into individual VMs, exposing latency in just one click. See across your infrastructure with real-time analytics, troubleshooting across host, network and storage. Leverage historical data to predict future performance, capacity and compute needs.