Symantec Web Security Service

Symantec Web Security Service

Cloud-delivered network security service enforces comprehensive internet security and data compliance policies, regardless of location or device.

Increasing web use, rapid cloud adoption, and greater numbers of mobile and remote users expose your network to risk. Symantec Web Security Service enables enterprises to control access, protect users from threats, and secure their sensitive data.

Your Data and Apps Are Moving to the Cloud – So Can Your Security

Protect your use of web and cloud applications like Office 365

Moving to the cloud introduces new security and compliance risks, but it also enables tremendous new defensive strategies. Cloud-delivered network security adds flexibility and boosts performance, while protecting users with consistent threat prevention and data compliance policies—wherever they go.

Symantec Web Security Service delivers a broad set of advanced capabilities—including a secure web gateway (SWG), anti-virus scanning, sandboxing, web isolation, data loss prevention (DLP), and email security. As your users directly access web, you can extend consistent policies that follow your sensitive data wherever it goes.


Consolidate Your Security Stack

Simplify with our cloud-delivered network security service

Don’t implement yet another new point product. Instead, choose a complete network security service that gives you the security, threat prevention and compliance capabilities your business need. Inspect traffic for hidden threats, and protect against attacks that use encryption and other means to elude perimeter defenses and surface-level security such as next-generation firewalls. Our full arsenal of technologies offers broad and deep protection.

  • Broad network security service with SWG, web isolation, anti-virus scanning, sandboxing, DLP, CASB, email security, and SD-WAN capabilities
  • Better threat prevention to block more threats and minimize false positives
  • Unparalleled DLP/DRM service to prevent exfiltration of sensitive or proprietary data
  • Strong SSL inspection capability with native support for 39 cipher suites
  • Shadow IT control for more than 23,000 applications; set proxy policies to govern access to cloud applications, extending to a full CASB service
  • Office 365 security policy enforcement to enforce DLP and malware security policies

Strong, Central Web and Cloud Access Governance

Consistently apply network security policies across web and cloud applications

Protect users with web and cloud security that connects all devices to distributed, global data centers for reliable, high-performance, local service. Configure and enforce powerful web and cloud application access-control policies

  • Set policies based on website content-based classifications and threat risk levels
  • Classify URLs in 70 categories covering more than 55 languages
  • Authenticate users and enforce user, group, and location-based security controls
  • Control employee access to Shadow IT cloud apps (unsanctioned cloud applications)

Protect Users From Threats Hiding in Encrypted Web and Cloud Traffic

Advanced proxy architecture delivers SWG and Advanced Threat Protection capabilities

Symantec Web Security Service protects your organization from cyber attacks using an advanced proxy architecture that terminates, inspects, and controls high volumes of web and cloud traffic, even when it’s SSL/TLS encrypted. Our proxy architecture combats advanced threats, secures your information, and protects your users wherever they go. It’s built to meet the challenges of the Cloud Generation.

  • Advanced proxy architecture—Enforce granular threat inspection policies for encrypted web traffic, and traffic from cloud apps such as Box and Office 365
  • Browsing threat prevention/Web Isolation—Use isolation to combat the latest generation of threats targeting users’ email and web browsing
  • File threat prevention—Block high-risk and advanced threats with multilayer file inspection and customizable sandboxing
  • Threat Risk Levels—Set web access policies based on a URL’s relative level of threat risk

Boost Network Performance and Improve Security While Lowering Costs

Get direct-to-net efficiency and improve end-user performance

Our advanced, cloud-delivered network security service provides simple, cost-effective, high-performance ‘direct to net’ protection. Direct-to-net eliminates the resources needed to backhaul internet traffic to your corporate data centers. Built-in acceleration technologies, such as content peering and optimized connection scaling, further improve key operational metrics and enable you to give your users the performance they demand.

  • Run on a global telco-grade network backbone monitored by third-party service providers
  • Get high performance with content peering with top cloud providers, TCP scaling, and more
  • Access the cloud directly with a single Symantec Endpoint agent
  • Manage from one console with policy migration tools to simply your move to the cloud

Simplify Connectivity for Main Office, Branch and Roaming Users

Quickly protect your users with integrated, cloud-delivered Web Security Service

Symantec provided simplified on-ramps to the Web Security Service, enabling your users to have secure web access wherever they are.

  • SD-Cloud Connector, based on advanced SD-WAN technology, gets your branch connection up and running quickly; no IT expertise is required
  • Included firewall and bandwidth control capabilities
  • Running Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) on your endpoints? Use the SEP agent to redirect traffic to the Web Security Service for network security policy enforcement
  • Web Security Service Agent is also available for businesses not using SEP, to securely direct mobile and laptop traffic to the Symantec cloud service
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