Symantec ProxySG

Symantec ProxySG

Protect against increasingly sophisticated web threats

Symantec ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) are high performance on-premises appliances that protect organizations across the web, social media, applications and mobile networks. Combine with cloud-delivered Web Security Service for a centrally managed hybrid deployment.


Industry’s Leading On-Premises Secure Web Gateway

Secure the web with our ProxySG and Advanced Security Gateway Appliances

Symantec Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) combines the functionality of the Symantec ProxySG secure web gateway with the intelligence of Symantec Content Analysis to offer a single, powerful web security solution that delivers world-class threat protection. Advanced Secure Gateway is a scalable proxy designed to secure your web communications and accelerate your business applications. ProxySG and ASG draw on a unique proxy architecture that allows organizations to effectively monitor, control, and secure traffic to ensure a safe web and cloud experience. A Symantec secure web proxy can help you:

  • Control web and cloud usage with fast app performance
  • Establish negative-day threat defense
  • Implement multi-authentication realm support
  • Gain visibility into encrypted web traffic

Eliminate Your Encryption Blind Spot with Highly Secure HTTPS Inspection

Protect yourself from hidden threats with an “A” grade security gateway appliance

Get complete visibility into SSL/TLS encrypted web traffic with Symantec’s advanced web and cloud security solutions. Academic researchers and internet giants such as Google, Mozilla and others looked at Secure Web Gateways, Next-Generation Firewalls and Application Delivery Controllers to see who was practising secure interception of encrypted web traffic, without introducing new risk. Of all middleboxes in the study only the Symantec web proxy appliance enabled inspection while preserving high security.

  • Scan SSL-encrypted traffic for viruses, worms, and Trojans; and stop them at the gateway
  • Prevent spyware from installing or communicating over SSL/TLS
  • Stops rogue applications (e.g., IM and P2P) that use SSL to subvert enterprise controls and security measures
  • Accelerate approved and safe SSL-encrypted traffic
  • Send a stream of decrypted traffic to third party logging systems for analysis, archiving, and forensics

Prevent Malware and Phishing Threats While Allowing Broad Web Access by Isolating Potentially Risky Traffic

Protect your users from threats targeting web browsers

Symantec Web Isolation prevents websites from delivering zero-day malware, protecting users’ devices by executing web sessions away from endpoints, and safely sending rendering information to the browser. Integration with Symantec Secure Web Gateways such as ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG), enable policy-based traffic isolation for uncategorized sites, or URLs with suspicious or potentially unsafe risk profile.

  • Tight integration with Symantec Secure Web Gateways (ProxySG, ASG, and Web Security Service)
  • Patented approach that prevents any website code from executing on user’s devices
  • Responsive and interactive UI for transparent and seamless user experience
  • Selective risky traffic isolation or isolation all of the web browsing for privileged users such as C-level executives
  • Isolation of URLs embedded in Email to help phishing attack prevention

Advanced Real-Time Threat Protection

Gain complete protection and control

Add advanced threat protection to your secure web gateway with the Symantec Content Analysis system, featuring multiple antimalware engines, malware analysis (sandboxing), and endpoint integration. Symantec Intelligence Services and WebFilter offer real-time protection for web content, security categorization, web application control, and other capabilities as an optional subscription.

  • Get the most advanced web security
  • Extend real-time sandboxing protection
  • Integrate real-time blocking of advanced threats
  • Gain the benefits of centralized file inspection when using Symantec network, endpoint and cloud solutions

Select an Advanced Secure Web Gateway Proxy Architecture as the Foundation of Your Security Infrastructure

Start with strong security, and customize to your needs

Symantec Secure Web Gateway solutions, including ProxySG, Advanced Secure Gateway, Web Security Service, and Virtual Secure Web Gateway deliver strong proxy-based security in an on-premises appliance, virtual appliance, cloud or hybrid deployment. Our proxy architecture is a core part of our secure web gateway platform and protects you against web- and network-based threats, enables cloud data protection, and gives you flexible business policy control across the enterprise and the cloud, including web, social, and mobile networks.

  • Mitigate risk with full visibility and control for web and cloud access
  • Set policies based on website content-based classifications
  • Assess and control unsanctioned cloud usage
  • Combine security functions for cloud and mobile technologies
  • Enjoy Universal Policy Enforcement and centralized management and reporting

Ensure Solutions Work Together Seamlessly with Integrated Cyber Defense

Maximize the impact of your security investment

The proliferation of web and cloud applications, along with mobile devices, have made the web one of the biggest security threat vectors. Consequently, organizations need an integrated, multi-layered approach to defend against rapidly-evolving security threats.

Symantec ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) both provide a foundation that extends powerful network capabilities to our Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense. Enterprises can unify cloud and on-premises security with advanced threat protection and information protection across all endpoints, networks, email, and cloud applications.

  • Advanced proxy architecture– Terminate web and cloud traffic, authenticating web users and enabling granular threat inspection policies, even for SSL/TLS encrypted traffic
  • File threat prevention– Multilayer file inspection and customizable sandboxing help block advanced threats
  • Real-time threat intelligence– Tap into our unmatched perspective of the dynamic threat landscape with the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network
  • Browsing threat prevention– Integrate web isolation to counter new and multi-vector threats targeting users’ web browsing and email
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