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Protect Critical Business & Cloud Application Performance

PacketShaper protects critical application performance and enables cloud adoption by ensuring superior performance and user experience for important cloud applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce. Powered by Global Intelligence Network, the PacketShaper can clearly identify cloud, business and mobile applications and application flows. Unique technologies such as TCP Rate Control and flexible QoS policies can effectively control network traffic flows to ensure network resource alignment and optimized application performance.


  • Clearly identify all business and cloud applications, and application traffic
  • Simple and easy-to-deploy QoS policies to manage network and application traffic
  • Bandwidth guarantee and prioritization for critical applications
  • Constrain disruptive traffic to minimize impact on critical applications
  • Manage application performance with patented TCP Rate Control technology


Real-time view and auto-discovery of 900+ apps and millions of websites

  • Identify disruptive traffic
    • See YouTube, Facebook, Pandora, P2P and other video, audio and BYOD
  • Match missions critical applications
    • Auto-discover or define your mission critical applications for bandwidth guarantees
  • Report on bandwidth/budget
    • Track resources / budget expenditures to delay or justify bandwidth upgrades

Cloud connected classification engine with real-time updates

  • PacketShaper’s new Classify by URL Category functionality understands and categorizes the entire Web
  • Leverages the WebPulse community of over 75 million users, which categorizes URLs in real time into 1 of the 80 categories
  • Constantly updated as new applications and content are published

Simple and powerful QoS control

  • Bandwidth guarantee for latency-sensitive applications
  • Protect critical business applications
  • Contain recreational and disruptive traffic
  • Fairly allocate bandwidth for all users

Real-time monitoring and reporting of application performance and network efficiency

  • Identify the more disruptive traffic by application
  • Spot abnormal behaviour in bandwidth usage
    • Traffic spikes
    • Bandwidth hogs
    • DDOS attacks


PacketShaper S500

  • 2Gbps to 10Gbps throughput
  • Up to 18x1GbE ports OR up to 8x10GbE + 2x1GbE ports

PacketShaper S400

  • 250Mbps to 2Gbps throughput
  • Up to 11x1GbE ports OR up to 4x10GbE + 3x1GbE ports

PacketShaper S200

  • 10Mbps to 500Mbps throughput
  • Up to 7x1GbE ports

Four Steps to High Performance WAN and Internet

Visibility and control are key to an effective WAN performance strategy

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