Observer Apex

Observer Apex


Centrally Manage End-User Experience, Performance and Security

Observer Apex integrates end-user scoring, geolocation site clarity, and three-steps-to-resolution workflows providing the performance monitoring intelligence IT teams need to achieve optimal service goals.

Observer Apex provides a centralized vantage point for performance monitoring and troubleshooting. Begin with either a technology-oriented or site-based perspective, then use pre-engineered workflows powered by user experience scoring for fast problem resolution.

Technology-focused workflows enable IT teams to immediately begin the investigation from an application, network, or unified communication starting point. Site performance is location-based, enabling IT teams to troubleshoot starting at a specific region, country, data centre, or even functional area of the organization. The site and technology workflows can also be combined, and end-user scoring applied throughout the process to rapidly solve service anomalies in three steps or less.

Observer End User Experience Score eliminates engineers sifting through meaningless KPIs, and instead provides a succinct score for every transaction along with problem explanation and performance visualization. Values are reported at the individual level and logically grouped with summarized dashboard perspectives with domain breakouts for client, server, application, and network for pinpoint problem resolution.

Apex delivers an out-of-box experience like no other network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) solution on the market. You get the information needed to maintain comprehensive IT service awareness and rapid troubleshooting.



End-User Experience Scoring

Apex provides End User Experience Scores on every network transaction, individually and logically grouped across multi-dimensional variables at the dashboard level. Integrated with out-of-the-box workflows and site-based views, End User Experience Scores empower engineers to identify the largest issues from the user perspective and navigate a guided path to resolution. Colour-coded, numeric values between 0 (worst experience) and 10 (best experience) coupled with the identified problem domain and simple problem explanation along with performance visualizations provide fast resolution without need of specialized troubleshooting skills.

Observer Apex End User Experience Score

Site Performance

Geolocation intelligence provides awareness of IT service health whether at the regional, country, city, or data center levels, with even more granularity to individual service groups such as accounting. Users can easily define these parameters to the individual subnet and VLAN to gain intelligence within or between these defined breakouts.

Observer Apex Site Dashboard

Pre-Engineered Technology Workflows

Technology three-steps-to-resolution workflows provide a fast-path to solving issues whether application, network, or unified communications. When used with site performance visibility and end-user experience, the dual-track process empowers users to effectively manage their IT services while virtually eliminating the frustration of troubleshooting dead ends.

Observer Apex Welcome

Connection Dynamics Visualization

Gain in-depth details of every transaction with granular, individual packet-level breakouts in easy-to-understand, color-coded chat-like views. Once data insight that was limited to network experts only, now available to anyone in the business.

Observer Apex Connection Dynamics

On-Demand Multi-Tier Application Intelligence

On-demand application dependency mapping offers fast discovery of app interdependencies. Maps are built automatically to display complex relationships with simple clarity. This allows users to determine worst connections, app tiers, and network delay threshold deviations, while sorting all connections by status; critical, marginal, and acceptable.

Observer Apex On-Demand Intel

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Apex makes creating custom dashboards and reports for any environment easy. A library of pre-built widgets including status indicators, bar and line graphs, baselines, and tables can be easily dragged and dropped in a nearly infinite variety of ways. The right information in the right format to satisfy the unique demands of all IT teams.

Observer Apex Custom Dashboard Reports

Enhanced Trace Extraction

Apex offers easy access and sharing of network packet and conversation details. Advanced pattern search filtering simplifies the selection of relevant information from the mountain of data. Ideal when performing deep-dive investigations into security breaches or service anomalies, packet data from Apex can be used across the IT organization.

“No other vendor could touch the Observer Platform for its combination of breadth of functionality and affordability.”

Howard Arnault-Ham, Head of IT at Aardman Animations

Observer Apex can be deployed as a standalone hardware appliance or software version. It is part of the Observer platform and is typically the centralized, aggregated monitoring point for Analyzer, GigaStor, and probe products. Please refer to the following link for technical details.

If you are installing Apex on your own hardware or a virtual machine, please see the following link for minimum, recommended, and optimal system requirements.

Available as software or as a standalone appliance, Apex collects and aggregates data from GigaStor and Analyzer for enterprise-wide visibility. By intelligently combining IT operational metrics that span the largest IT environments, Apex delivers an out-of-box experience like no other network performance monitoring and diagnostics solution on the market.

Observer Platform Integration Diagram

Apex is the nexus of the Observer family and serves dual roles. First, it provides centralized real-time dashboards and long-term historical reporting from aggregated metadata collected throughout the IT environment. Offering site-based and pre-engineered three-step-to-resolution technology workflows, it’s also the starting point for detecting service anomalies and performing troubleshooting. An integral part of triaging includes the ability to drill down to individual transactions and if required specific packets—displaying this data for easy visualization or for sharing with third-party IT solutions.

Deployment Considerations:

  • Deploy Apex in locations that maximize the opportunity to simplify connectivity with support components
  • Monitoring instrumentation points depend on network size, configuration, and visibility requirements
  • Utilize redundant Apex capabilities with two duplicate systems; a primary and a secondary for automated replication, facilitating redundancy
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