Ixia Vision ONE

Ixia Vision ONE


All-in-one tool that provides high-performance, lossless visibility

Vision One

Ixia Vision ONE™ is a turnkey device that enables organizations to maintain security as well as identify and resolve performance problems across physical and virtual infrastructures from a single platform. Whether fighting against threats hidden in encrypted traffic, or feeding the right data to the right forensic solution, Vision ONE boosts network protection without negatively impacting performance. Build a layered defence with a combination of best-of-breed inline security and out-of-band analysis tools, or create a strong foundation that helps you understand what is happening in an enterprise network. Either way, Vision ONE is a crucial step toward complete network security.

Aided by integrated AppStack capabilities, Ixia’s Vision ONE network packet broker (NPB) enables you to filter and visualize not only Level 2-4 traffic, but also Layer 7 application traffic, so that suspicious applications can be tagged and watched. This provides security advantages as users can quickly spot rogue applications or unusual activity, including traffic or packets coming or going from unauthorized geographies, or questionable file transfer protocol (FTP) transfers conducted on sensitive data in the middle of the night.

This capability alone would have short-circuited some of the most notorious data breaches suffered by enterprises and agencies in the past three years.

The integrated AppStack capabilities also offers performance advantages as customers can view real-time application level traffic and metadata through a web application program interface (API), or it can be filtered, decrypted, and sent onto forensic or application monitors for further inspection.

Vision ONE is the most critical piece of network infrastructure you never realized you needed.


  • Comprehensive network visibility: Every feature IT will ever need in a compact 1U form factor
  • Powerful inline & out-of-band solution
  • Reliability: ZERO-loss, line-rate advanced performance with no dropped packets
  • Powerful GUI with industry-best ease-of-use
  • SSL decryption detects hidden threats
  • Easily expand deployments to meet changing needs
  • Advanced features: Filtering, de-duplication, load-balancing, timestamping, and more
  • VM-ready with support for physical and virtual taps across a common infrastructure
  • Optimises security in multi-user environments with extensive role-based access control and a powerful filter compiler that ensures users do not impact one another while using the system concurrently.

Vision ONE delivers increased benefits over time by optimising the use and cost of existing tools. For example, if de-duplication removes 2 duplicates for every packet sent, this reduces traffic volumes to existing tools by roughly 66%, and in turn the rate at which additional tools need to be added. Benefits and ROI improve as traffic loads and the percentage of traffic that can be eliminated via de-duplication, decapsulation, or filtering increases.

  • Easy-to-use web-interface with point-and-click functionality. No command-line needed!
  • Can be deployed in both inline and out-of-band monitoring modes simultaneously
  • NetStack features built-in
  • Highly resilient Active – Active Inline
  • PacketStack features built-in
  • Max 64 10G ports / Max 4 40G ports
  • AppStack features built-in
  • 1 RU
  • Supports Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) – a highly resilient and extremely easy to use SDN controller providing visibility management through a single pane of glass
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