Ixia IxChariot

Ixia IxChariot

Instant performance assessment of complex networks from pre-deployment to production

Ixia IxChariot™ instantly assesses and troubleshoots networks and applications before and after deployment. This powerful assessment tool uses software agents—Performance Endpoints—to simulate application traffic and deliver key performance metrics to a central console for easy management. The result is a fully instrumented system for confidently assessing the performance and reliability of applications running on a wide variety of networks, including wired, wireless, and virtual data centres. Pre-deployment, IT can run what-if scenarios to predict an application’s impact on the network. After deployment, on-demand network diagnostics are carried out in an instant.


The latest version of IxChariot can be run from the cloud with the main console hosted from a single site or data centre and accessed publicly by teams at multiple locations. Patented Ixia technology allows endpoints to traverse company firewalls to deliver a seamless and elegant solution for assessing performance between private and cloud networks—without compromising security.

Highlights include:

  • Network diagnostics captured virtually anywhere
  • Provides increasingly high ROI as more users leverage the tool to meet a wider range of business and technology challenges
  • Simulates various protocols and applications in a distributed network across thousands of endpoints
  • Designed specifically for IT teams
  • Verifies SLAs with instant end-to-end assessment
  • Measures device performance over Wi-Fi
  • Validates hypervisor performance
  • Assessments can be conducted from any standard web browser


  • Serves industry leaders and experts, including Wi-Fi Alliance
  • Instantly assesses network performance, including wireless performance and geo-location
  • Performance Endpoints run on mobile, PC, Mac or in any hypervisor or cloud provider
  • Allows for central management of any platform via Performance EndpointsDelivers full application emulation and key performance metrics, including throughput, packet loss, jitter, delay, MOS, and application latency
  • Trusted tool for both private virtual and public cloud infrastructures



  • Supports up to 100,000 connections (endpoint pairs) representing hundreds of thousands of end-users


  • TCP, UDP, RTP, IPv4, IPv6


  • Supported on IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • Handles test failures in error prone networks including Wi-Fi for management
  • Supports in-band and out-of-band mgmt. and traffic paths

API Support

  • Python

System Requirements


  • OVA deployment: VMware ESXi 5.x or newer, VMWare Player 6.x or newer
  • Minimal VM provisioning: 1Gb RAM, 1 VCPU
  • Support for multiple simultaneous tests and user sessions

Performance Endpoints

  • Requires IxChariot 9.0 version of performance endpoints – not compatible with older endpoint versions
  • Microsoft Windows: 2008 R2, 2012, 7, 8
  • Linux (x86, x86_64)
  • Several others, look for “Endpoint Library” on Ixia’s website

Mobile Device endpoints

  • Android – on Google Play Store
  • IOS – on Apple Store
  • Search for “endpoint”

XR2000 Hardware Endpoint

  • Supported
  • Upgrade to latest free 9.0 endpoints

Simulated Applications

  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • AOL Webmail
  • Bandwidth HTTP
  • Bandwidth Raw
  • BitTorrent Cisco EMIX
  • BitTorrent Enterprise
  • BitTorrent File Download
  • BitTorrent RMIX 5M
  • BitTorrent Service Provider
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Android
  • Facebook Android Chat Session
  • HTTPS Simulated Financial
  • IMAPv4-Advanced Financial
  • POP3-Advanced Financial
  • SMB Client File Download Financial
  • SMBv2 Auth Session Financial
  • SMBv2 File Download Financial
  • SMTP Email Financial
  • Flash Enterprise
  • FTP Small download
  • FTP Active mode
  • FTP Cisco EMIX
  • FTP Enterprise
  • Gnutella
  • Google Mail
  • Google Play LTE Mix
  • Google Play Search View and Download
  • Google Search
  • Google GTalk Chat
  • HTTP Audio
  • HTTP Cisco EMIX
  • HTTP Compressed
  • HTTP Enterprise
  • HTTP Flash Video
  • HTTP Flash Video Service Provider
  • HTTP GET – Android42 to Apache Server
  • HTTP GET – BlackBerry10 to Apache Server
  • HTTP GET – Chrome25 (Windows 7) to Apache Server
  • HTTP GET – Firefox19 (Windows 7) to Apache Server
  • HTTP GET – IE9 (Windows 7) to Apache Server
  • HTTP GET – Opera11 (Linux) to Apache Server
  • HTTP GET – Opera12 (OS X) to Apache Server
  • HTTP GET – Safari6 (OS X) to Apache Server
  • HTTP LTE Mix
  • HTTP Mobile Europe
  • HTTP Mobile North America
  • HTTP RMIX 130K
  • HTTP Service Provider
  • HTTP Text
  • HTTP Video
  • HTTP Video Enterprise
  • HTTPS Simulated
  • HTTPS Simulated Enterprise
  • HTTPS Simulated Service Provider
  • ICQ
  • IMAP Cisco EMIX
  • IMAP LTE Mix
  • iTunes Desktop App Store
  • Jabber Chat
  • MS-SQL Server
  • MySQL Database Update
  • Netflix Service Provider
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Enterprise
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Pandora LTE Mix
  • Pandora
  • POP3 LTE Mix
  • POP3 RMIX 4K
  • POP3 RMIX 16K
  • POP3 RMIX 90K
  • PostgreSQL
  • Raw Enterprise
  • Raw LTE mix
  • Raw Service Provider
  • Raw Wireless
  • RTMP
  • SMB Client File Download
  • SMB Enterprise
  • SMTP Cisco EMIX
  • SMTP Email
  • SMTP Enterprise
  • SSH
  • Twitter Json
  • Webex
  • Windows Live (MSN) Messenger v15
  • Yahoo IM Chat v10
  • Yahoo Mail
  • YouTube Enterprise
  • YouTube LTE Mix
  • YouTube Service Provider