Ixia CloudLens

Ixia CloudLens


Cloud Visibility Platform


Azure. Google Cloud. IBM Cloud. Alibaba. CenturyLink. AWS. Any Cloud.

Ixia’s CloudLens is the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), network-level solution that provides Visibility-as-a-Service (VaaS) for public, private and hybrid cloud. Designed from scratch for those environments, it is able to deliver the elastic scale, flexibility, and agility benefits of the cloud in a visibility platform.


Ixia Multi-Platform Icon

Multi-Platform Capable

Supports Windows and Linux on AWS, Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Centurylink Cloud and more

Supports VMware, Microsoft, OpenStack and is vSwitch/Router Agnostic (VSS, vDS)

Ixia Elastic Scale Icon

Elastic scale, on demand

Auto-scale as instances are created and destroyed

No manual configuration

Software-as-a-Service accessible anywhere

Ixia Security Icon


Inherently secure from within instances

Minimize network segments to manage

No-internet, private cloud only options for Government and high-security operations

Ixia Cost Effective Icon


Pay per use model

Limit data backhaul and transfer

Save time spent configuring and troubleshooting!

Ixia Error Reduction Icon

Error Reduction

Auto-scale limits manual configuration

No architectural changes

Less segments to manage

Ixia Easy to Use Icon

Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop interface

Single interface for hybrid cloud access

Pre-validated with leading security and monitoring solutions


Public and private cloud environments have the potential for blind-spots. These are data connections in the network that are not easily accessible, which makes them susceptible to threats like malware. In on-premises networks, taps access intra-and inter-rack traffic, then send it to network packet brokers for distribution to security and monitoring tools.

CloudLens addresses the unique considerations of capturing and processing data in public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments.

CloudLens Visibility Public & Private

“Uplevel Systems delivers managed IT services to small businesses. Our solution combines customer premise security and networking equipment with an AWS cloud based services and a management platform that allows IT consultants to deliver compelling and comprehensive IT services optimized for small business.

Monitoring our AWS based VPN hubs and application servers is key to provide our customers a great experience. Ixia’s CloudLens enables us to get the packet level access we need to monitor our application. CloudLens’s auto-scaling capability provides us the scale and elasticity to help our business grow.”

Tom Alexander, CEO at Uplevel Systems


Ixia works with leading security, APM and NPM tool providers, including open source providers, to pre-validate CloudLens interoperability direct from cloud. The tools of the cloud visibility ecosystem providers operate directly with CloudLens, without requiring data backhaul to a virtual machine or network packet broker, for a seamless experience and complete visibility into cloud environments.

See complete list of Ixia Technology Partners.

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