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Ready for Your Next-Generation NAS Storage?

Hitachi NAS Platform systems are ideal for file sharing. They are also a top choice for file server consolidation, data protection and application data storage for Oracle, Microsoft and virtual environments. Hitachi products boast the highest performance and usable capacity in the industry in addition to capacity efficiencies that allow organisations to truly do more, but with a lot less. These capabilities translate into significant cost savings for organisations.

Achieve 100% Application Availability and Meet Strict Service Level Objectives

Non-stop NAS, powered by Hitachi SVOS and Global Active Device (GAD).

  • Provides continuous operations, virtualisation and mobility
  • Hitachi VSP G400 and VSP G200, as well as Storage Virtualisation Operating System (SVOS), reduce complexity and eliminate the need for additional appliances
  • Host-transparent, automatic site failover

Simplify Data Management and Strengthen Data Protection

NAS platform consolidates file, block and object data to reduce complexity.

  • Replicate faster and automate system failover with high-speed, object-based replication for disaster recovery
  • Accelerate testing and virtual environment rollouts with flexible, space-efficient file clones
  • Gain uninterrupted access to your files in case of a site, node or server failure by taking advantage of global-active device support


Take Control of Your VMware Environment

Protect Your Valuable VMware Data Assets

Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator simplifies backup, recovery and cloning.

Apply Specific Service-Level Objectives

Matches application requirements with full native VMware Virtual Volume (VVol) support.

Improve Storage Efficiency

Reduces over-provisioning and maximises storage assets.

Automate Data Management

Data Migration to Public and Private Clouds

Improve capacity and storage tiering by migrating data to Hitachi Cloud Services, Amazon S3, Microsoft® Azure or Hitachi Content Platform.

Tiered File System

Increase performance and efficiency by separating file system metadata and automatically placing it on the highest tier.

Cluster Namespace

Improve overall monitoring and management by creating a unified directory structure across storage pools and servers.

Consolidate More

Flash-Ready and Massively Scalable

Cluster from 8 nodes and clustered namespace (also known as single namespace).

Flash-Ready with Unbound Performance

The 1.2M + SPEC SFS 2008 NFS ops/sec with VSP G1000 All Flash system is ideal for transaction-intensive deployments such as OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP).

Reclaim up to 90% of Storage with De-duplication

Automated and user transparent de-duplication increases overall storage capacity.

Multilayered Data Protection

Synchronous Disaster Recovery

Safeguards critical data with active-active geo-clustering at distances up to 100 km (60 miles).

Snapshot Capabilities for Data Protection

Point-in-time, read-only snapshots of an entire file system provide local data protection and at-a-glance status information.


HNAS 4040

No. Nodes per Cluster: Up to 2 nodes

IOPS (1-node/2-node): 65,000/130,000

Throughput: Up to 700MB/sec

Max Capacity (usable): 4PB

File System Size: 256TB

HNAS 4060

No. Nodes per Cluster: Up to 2 nodes

IOPS (1-node/2-node): 70,000/140,000

Throughput: Up to 1000MB/sec

Max Capacity (usable): 8PB

File System Size: 1PB

HNAS 4080

No. Nodes per Cluster: Up to 4 nodes

IOPS (1-node/2-node): 106,000/210,000

Throughput: Up to 1500MB/sec

Max Capacity (usable): 16PB

File System Size: 1PB

HNAS 4100

No. Nodes per Cluster: Up to 8 nodes

IOPS (1-node/2-node): 140,000/280,000

Throughput: Up to 2000MB/sec

Max Capacity (usable): 16PB

File System Size: 1PB

Information is everywhere

Make NAS part of your big data solution in order to extract knowledge from your data.

Information Is Everywhere, But How Do You Extract


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