Cyber Risk Aware

Cyber Risk Aware

Cyber Risk Aware

Reduce the likelihood that you will be impacted by Ransomware, financial fraud and data breaches.

Over 90% of security incidents are caused by lack of staff awareness

Assess the level of human cyber risk in your business, mitigate the risk where found and meet your compliance obligations.


Phish Maestro™ by Cyber Risk Aware helps you train staff to identify and report phishing emails that bypass technical defences.

It’s a SaaS platform™ hosted in Azure which is built for scale and caters for companies of all sizes. You can schedule an unlimited number of regular and advanced simulated phishing tests to assess the level of phishing susceptibility in your business. It includes a comprehensive and customisable library of hundreds of “known-to-work” phishing templates which are updated regularly to reflect current trends.

Get detailed phishing results including industry benchmarks.

Key Features

  • Recreate any phishing attack including ransomware, BEC, wire fraud, and CEO fraud
  • Phishing tests with links, attachments and fake log-in pages
  • Simulate phishing attacks impersonating internal email addresses
  • Avoid users tipping each other off using burst mode which sends multiple templates in one campaign
  • Phishing tests that auto-enroll users in training
  • Every user interaction fully recorded for reporting
  • Identify repeat offenders, high-risk departments or locations
  • Identify geo-location, operating system and browser edition
Phish Maestro

PhishHUK Alert Button

Reinforce company security awareness culture with the PhishHUK Outlook/ Offce365 plug-in that enables staff to report phishing emails via mobile, desktop, and browser for further analysis.


Raise staff awareness of SMiShing–phishing via SMS– by sending customisable malicious text messages directly to their mobile phones.


Conduct a staff knowledge gap analysis around key security and compliance best practices with the ability to create your own assessments or choose from our pre-supplied assessments that cover an array of security and compliance standards.

Key Features

  • Assess individuals’ level of understanding and risk within the organisation
  • Reduce business overheads by training higher risk staff members
  • Deliver focused training based on identified knowledge gaps
  • Prove staff increased competency with post-training knowledge assessments
  • Produce management and compliance reports
Cyber Knowledge Assessments


Humans are far more vulnerable than technology, which is why cybercriminals are targeting your staff. However, with Cyber Risk Aware you can empower your staff to be your greatest security asset by creating a network of human sensors. Cyber Risk Aware’s security awareness training transforms your staff into a human firewall creating the strongest line of defence against cyber threats.

Key Features

  • Gamified, highly interactive and enjoyable security awareness training
  • Accessible via a web browser
  • SCORM compliant, LMS compatible
  • Never lasts more than 8 – 10 minutes
  • Useful at home and in the workplace
  • Shareable

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