Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix XenDesktop

Reimagine Windows app and desktop delivery

Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. With industry-leading XenApp built in, XenDesktop can deliver full virtual desktops or just apps to any device.

Solve IT challenges with simplified app and desktop management

XenDesktop delivers full Windows VDI as well as virtual apps to meet the demands of any use case, allowing employees to access their apps, desktops and data without the limitations of a traditional solution. XenDesktop on the unified FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) platform is the only solution that is FIPS-compliant and Common Criteria certified to meet the highest security standards of regulated industries. End users will enjoy the simple virtual desktop interface, while IT will appreciate the superior performance of HDX technology, even over challenging, high-latency networks.

Why XenDesktop for VDI and app delivery?

Easy-to-use interface

With XenDesktop, any employee on any device can use Citrix Receiver for instant access to their corporate apps and desktops so they can work from anywhere.

Protect sensitive information

Windows apps and desktops run on virtual machines that are centrally managed in the datacentre and accessed from any device, reducing the risk of data loss or intrusion.

Supports BYOD – including Windows 10

XenDesktop lets employees securely access corporate-issued virtual apps and desktops straight from their personal computer or mobile device without requiring IT to support new hardware – even on Windows 10 devices.

Maximize business value with flexible virtual desktop delivery

Demands on IT are increasing, corporate budgets are getting tighter, and you are being forced to deliver more value with fewer resources. App and desktop virtualisation with XenDesktop can increase workforce productivity and deliver more business value for less than you’re spending today – all while reducing security risk and delivering a quality user experience to your employees. Whether you are looking to implement a BYOD program or upgrade to Windows 10, XenDesktop is the only virtual desktop solution able to meet all your needs from a single, easy to deploy platform.

Drive business value with virtual apps

XenDesktop vs. the competition

XenDesktop is the industry leader in desktop and app virtualisation delivering the only complete solution to mobilize Windows virtual apps and desktops for any use case.

Boost productivity with anywhere access

XenDesktop empowers employees by enabling them to work anywhere, making today’s workforce completely mobile and more productive with a high-performance VDI experience.

Cost efficient app and desktop management

Use any cloud, public or private, to securely deliver virtual desktops and reduce application management costs by as much as 90%.

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