Citrix XenApp

Citrix XenApp

Virtual application delivery for work from anywhere

XenApp is the industry-leading solution for virtual application delivery, providing Windows apps to workers on any device, anywhere. By centralising control with XenApp, you can give your team the freedom of mobility while increasing security and reducing IT costs.

Solve IT challenges with scalable and secure application delivery

XenApp provides remote access to Windows apps and data over any network, on any device – and now enables employees to access Linux virtual desktops side-by-side with Windows resources for a complete workspace experience. As the only server-based computing solution that is Common Criteria certified and native FIPS 140-2 compliant, XenApp reduces the risk of data loss and prevents unwanted intrusions by delivering virtual apps and data as an on-demand service to users based on location- and device-specific features and security configurations.

Why XenApp for server-based computing?

Simplify virtual app access for users

Citrix Receiver, easy-to-use client software, provides employees with universal access to virtual apps, desktops and data from any device. Working with your XenApp installation, Receiver empowers employees with the freedom to work from anywhere.

Protect sensitive information and prevent data loss

Centralize applications in the datacenter to protect intellectual property and sensitive information. XenApp allows for granular access policy enforcement that reduces the risk of data loss or intrusion through unsecured connections or VPN.

Easily support BYO devices

Support a bring your own device (BYOD) initiative – including Windows 10 devices – by delivering apps and desktops as an on-demand service. Apps are provisioned in real time rather than the hours required to prepare traditional hardware.

Maximize business value with an industry-leading solution

Businesses today must respond to the growing demand for a secure, multi-device workplace while still keeping control of the budget. With more than 25 years of experience and over 100 million users worldwide, Citrix XenApp is the leading solution for server-based computing – and an industry-proven solution for improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs. XenApp gives employees remote access to the Windows apps they need to get work done, regardless of network speed or device – and with the highest security standards of regulated industries in place, sensitive data stays protected.

Drive business value with virtual apps

XenApp vs. the competition

Citrix is the industry-recognized leader in app virtualisation with the world’s largest customer base. No other vendor delivers more complete, innovative and customer-driven solutions for mobilizing the workforce.

Boost productivity with Windows apps on demand

XenApp empowers employees by making five generations of Windows apps available for use on any device. XenApp also cuts transaction times of client/server applications by as much as 300%, helping people be more productive.

Reduce application management costs up to 90%

XenApp helps you scale up and down based on business needs and simplify business continuity by hosting virtual apps in redundant datacentres.

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