BrightCloud Backup

BrightCloud Backup


Enterprise-class data backup and recovery at an affordable price


Your business is generating more data than ever before, and whether you realise it or not, much of that data is critical. How would a major data loss affect your business – could you afford to lose important things like customer lists, financial information, business emails, confidential employee information and business plans?

Whilst you may have a data protection solution in place are you sure it covers all data sources with adequate protection? Bad data protection is a bit like a bad insurance policy – full of holes, exclusions and caps that leave you stuck with huge risks and costs. Don’t let this happen with your data.


Our service is built on an immensely flexible platform based on agentless technology, which can be deployed quickly and easily. Our true incremental forever-backup with advanced change block tracking, and enhanced WAN optimisation technology shatters the limitations of traditional backup solutions.


No Disruption

Agentless backup is easy to install and works seamlessly across almost every platform.

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All sources protected

We can protect data dispersed over the cloud, mobile devices and many other locations including Office 365, Salesforce and G-Suite.

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Highly Secure

All your data is encrypted to the highest standards available both in-flight and at rest.

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Around the Clock Recovery

Data recovery is available 24x7x365 and can be uploaded via a network, or converted to media and express couriered.

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Cost Effective

You are only charged for de-duplicated and compressed data, plus you save on reduced admin time.

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Future Proof

Our agentless solution will continue to meet emerging needs, you won’t need to look at backup ever again.

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UK Hosting

We host our online backup solution in two highly secure Tier 3 data centres. They are staffed 24x7x365, with resilient power and connectivity, we don’t need to use gimmicky ex bank vaults or nuclear bunkers!

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