A powerful Wi-Fi performance monitoring dashboard


A Birds Eye View into the Health of Your Wi-Fi Network

Instead of chasing down issues with tools and reacting to complaints, 7SIGNAL’s EyeQ™ interface brings Wi-Fi performance data to you, from every corner of your wireless network. Thanks to a resilient, highly scalable cloud architecture, EyeQ stores 6 months of detailed historical performance data for all your organisation’s access points and clients. No need to worry about storage, backups or feature upgrades.


EyeQ reports data from Sapphire Eyes™ which are high-performance clients and Wi-Fi sensors you put on your network. They attach to your Wi-Fi network, authenticate, and get an IP address – just like a client.

They perform active tests 24 hours a day, seven days a week, simulating real client behaviour. With alerts and notifications indicating poor performance, Sapphire EyeQ™ instantly tells you where network performance problems exist. Finally, IT professionals can address Wi-Fi issues proactively, avoiding those “drop-everything” moments when connectivity and throughput disrupt productivity.


Mobile EyeQ reports data from the Mobile Eye™ apps and agents running on your users devices, giving you visibility into authentic Wi-Fi experiences from across your diverse client base.

Set Wi-Fi experience thresholds and the dashboard map will highlight locations with a poor Wi-Fi experience. If a particular location is experiencing a problem simply compare the experience of different devices to narrow down the issue.

Mobile Eye agents are always collecting data, so you can even help troubleshoot problems when users are connected to third party networks such as at hotels, airports, and restaurants. Alternatively use the SSID Control feature to “whitelist” the networks you want to collect Wi-Fi performance data from, and ignore the rest.

Use the powerful reporting tools to easily identify particular device models, adapters, and driver versions that experience poor Wi-Fi performance so you can plan an upgrade/patching schedule to improve the end user experience, and stop the finger-pointing at the wireless LAN.

When users do encounter a problem your IT helpdesk can quickly match match an end-user device with the corresponding network and performance data to isolate and solve the  issue quickly.


When you log into Sapphire EyeQ, you see four easy to understand key performance indicators (KPIs) that instantly tell you where and what kind of network performance problems exist in your environment.


Can users connect to your Wi-Fi network? 7SIGNAL continually monitors access point beacon availability, as well as radio attach time and success rate. Get instantly notified of connectivity issues with emails and SNMP traps.


Can users authenticate to your network? 7SIGNAL can test 15 different fifteen different authentication methods, including captive portal and will also alert you if your RADIUS server becomes slow to respond or unreachable.

IP and DNS Services

Can users get an IP address? You may have exhausted your supply of addresses, or perhaps your DHCP server is unreachable – either way, 7SIGNAL lets you know instantly.


Once on the Wi-Fi network, what is the quality of experience? With continuous throughput, packet loss, latency and jitter testing, 7SIGNAL will notify you when user’s devices slip out of service-level compliance.

“In the past, I’ve had people working for six months trying to resolve problems that turned out to be the vendor’s issue. Now we have data that we can push back to the vendor with a lot more confidence.”

Tom Ogg, CIO at Akron Children’s Hospital


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