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With Observer® platform monitoring and packet analysis

No Packet Left Behind

To defend multiple access points while maintaining convenience for lawful users, effective IT data protection must be multi-faceted. Most organisations already employ basic security solutions like firewalls, IDS, and DLP–but for APTs and other malware that have already breached the perimeter – IT organisations also need a robust network forensics solution.

Successful network forensics and breach investigation begins with post-event access to all the packets traversing the network. VIAVI Solutions help to ensure that every packet is captured and available for post-event investigations. This is accomplished through its industry-leading capture technology executed by a field-scalable storage appliance for data retention. Breaches and compromised resources can be quickly identified by replaying traffic and applying extensive analytics to the packets. Possessing these capabilities can mean the difference between missing the breach entirely and effectively identifying a hacker.

Hackers Unmasked

When the network of a global financial service company is attacked, the network and security engineers collaborate with a unique strategy to identify the criminals.

Learn how the right tools:

  • Can help stop attacks in progress
  • Use packet analysis to ID hackers
  • Maintain the integrity of the network

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