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Introducing Observer GigaFlow



One Flow Record to Rule Them All

Master performance and security challenges with insight from every perspective

User, machine, network and application data – in a single enriched record.

Enriched flow data from GigaFlow provides visibility beyond the core to the farthest reaches of your network empire from virtual and cloud environments, out to the edge including branch offices and remote users.

The power of GigaFlow insight is three-fold:

  • easy access to user-centered intelligence,
  • automated integration of user, machine, application, and network perspectives,
  • the most complete, granular data set available for accurate investigations

Aimed at network operations and security teams actively managing a variety of issues from troubleshooting user experience to investigating abnormal device or user behavior on the network, GigaFlow provides user-centered insight into access and experience across all devices, applications and network environments. Across this end-to-end view from the client to servers and cloud services, Observer GigaFlow intelligently combines siloed user, performance and machine data into complete, in-depth records for managing and investigating end-user experience, performance, and security incidents.

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GigaFlow Key Features

Rule with User-Centered Insight

Whether troubleshooting performance issues or conducting security investigations, the biggest challenge is knowing where to begin the search. GigaFlow takes a user-centered approach with reporting, searching, and investigations, and automatically calls up complete details based on user name including client devices, performance issues, access behaviour, and activity. This eliminates the manual hunting across multiple solutions to assess either user or security issues across devices, network, services and infrastructure.


Integrated User, Path, and Device Perspective

Traditionally collecting flow traffic like NetFlow involves aggregating, pruning, or de-duplicating the data, compromising its value as forensic evidence and reducing effectiveness in problem solving. GigaFlow collects unaltered flow data and stitches and structures multiple data sources (flow, SNMP, user identity, and session syslog) together into an enriched flow record. This provides in-depth detail at your fingertips for security and performance investigations on network-device types, connectivity, traffic control and usage patterns down to the individual user and session.


Gain Performance Insight from All Infrastructure

Achieve in-depth performance insight across all network infrastructure regardless of whether it’s capable of generating flow data or limited to counts and amounts defined by early versions of NetFlow. GigaFlow parses log data to produce enriched flow data. The solution also provides advanced analysis to produce response time data from flows. Across any network environment, network and security teams can take advantage of complete flow forensics and insight for real time management and post-event investigations.


Integration into Observer

Observer bridges the management and investigation needs of network and security teams. The platform provides real-time performance monitoring and threat detection coupled with high-fidelity forensics for root-cause analysis and security investigations. The platform automates problem identification with out-of-the-box workflows around network, application, unified communications, and security use cases leading to granular wire-data views of user sessions, transactions, or packets.