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Test your knowledge of network encryption

Is encrypted traffic the network security challenge that many security experts believe it to be? Or have the issues and obstacles been overstated? Put your knowledge to the test with the Blue Coat Network Encryption Mythbusters Quiz and discover the myths and truths about:

  • Network security devices and SSL/TLS
  • Encrypted traffic & privacy
  • SSL decryption and network performance
  • And more

After all, you can never know too much.

Clear your encrypted traffic blind spot

Encrypted traffic presents massive challenges for organisations wishing to protect themselves, and the management of encrypted traffic is a sophisticated discipline. While others treat SSL management as a “side show” and deliver rudimentary useless capabilities, the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance is the only dedicated enterprise-class encrypted traffic management technology in the industry. This unique solution offers complete visibility and control of encrypted traffic without requiring the re-architecture of network infrastructure. It lets you add policy-based SSL inspection and management capabilities to your network security architecture and lift the security blindfold created by encrypted traffic.