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Educating Wi-Fi

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Has your wireless network made the grade this academic year?

A University campus is one of the most demanding wireless network environments. Your staff depend on campus-wide, around-the-clock Wi-Fi in order to successfully deliver a collaborative, multimedia learning environment. Students rely on the wireless network for both studying and recreation, as for many the University is also their home.

Immediately boost the effectiveness of your wireless network

More and more Universities are discovering that Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) allows the delivery of an “at-home” quality Wi-Fi experience with minimum hassle. ESS lets you plan and create Wi-Fi networks according to your performance and capacity requirements—taking into consideration the increasing amount of wireless clients (BYOD) and simulating real-life application usage such as VoIP, HD video streaming and web browsing.

Students Student in halls of residencedemand at-home quality Wi-Fi

Students spend a lot of their recreational time on campus and in halls of residence. Is your network able to cope with:

  • VoIP
  • HD Video Streaming
  • Office 365
  • File Sharing
  • BYOD

If not Ekahau Site Survey will help you troubleshoot and design a wireless network that can.

“I would strongly recommend Ekahau Site Survey as it’s leaps and bounds ahead of any other wireless survey product that I’ve used. It gets the job done, without any fuss or complicated configuration. It has a simple and easy to understand interface which at the same time has a lot of depth, so it makes wireless surveys as easy or as comprehensive as you want them to be.”

Alexander Cox

Service Manager – University Wireless Infrastructure, University of Cambridge

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Too many wireless networks simply do not work as intended or under perform. Join us for a webinar on Friday 3rd June at 11:00 and learn how to unlock the power of your wireless network using Ekahau Site Survey.

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CableCom Networking: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi in Student Accommodation

CableCom Networking: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi in Student Accommodation

CableCom offered the services of their Wi-Fi team free of charge to several non-customer universities. Dean Hancock and the wireless team at CableCom used Ekahau Site Survey to conduct the survey and generate easily understandable client-facing reports.


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