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Droplet: Containers without compromise

Containers are revolutionising application development and delivery.

Offering a predictable environment, ease of deployment at scale across hybrid, public and private cloud set-ups, and lower costs than traditional virtual machines, containers have become the next best thing for technology leaders around the globe.

Need to run older applications on modern hardware devices?

Droplet Containers run any Windows-compatible generation of software application.

Need to secure apps using a cloud-based storage platform, or a corporate file server?

Droplet Containers wrap an impenetrable layer of security around applications to block all inbound and outbound traffic.

Need to achieve compliance and halt system breaches resulting from legacy apps?

Droplet Containers help achieve regulatory compliance, including Cyber Essentials Plus and NIST.

Need to keep legacy apps running without breaking the bank?

Droplet offers a simplified, out-of-the-box solution.

Droplet Containers take the stress out of software deployment enabling applications to be delivered securely on multiple platforms, online and offline.

Why is Droplet different?

  • Droplet’s patented NeverTrust™ model delivers ultimate security
  • No need to refactor, package or virtualise legacy applications to make them work
  • Droplet delivers legacy applications without recording, capture, or sequencing
  • Droplet offers a self-service model—no special consultancy fees charged
  • Droplet offers an all-you-can-eat model where you can install unlimited apps into the container for the same flat subscription fee

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