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High Capacity Wi-Fi Planning & Ekahau Site Survey version 9.0

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Version 9.0

When is Ekahau Site Survey version 9.0 being released?

It will be released on 21st February 2017 if all goes according to plan!

Will version 9.0 work with Windows 10?

Yes and so does version 8.6.2.

Will version 9.0 work with Linux?


Are there other new features besides the new planner coming to version 9.0?

There sure will be, but we can’t reveal them just yet.

You ran some webinars about designing Wi-Fi in Hotels and Universities. Unfortunately I missed them, can I download them from somewhere?


Will 2017 Ekahau training courses cover version 9.0?

Yes, all courses delivered after version 9.0 is released will be for version 9.0.

I have been using Ekahau Site Survey for many years now. Is it possible to just sit the ECSE exam without doing the course?

Currently you cannot sit the exam without doing the course, but it is something we are considering.

New Features - Version 9.0

Will version 9.0 allow you specify different capacity requirements on a per-floor basis, as well as allowing you to specify specific capacity requirements within a floor (for example a Lecture Theatre)?


We need the ability to set an angle/gradient to the floor, to simulate seating in a stadium or arena. Cisco mentioned the other day that they are working with you on this, is that correct?

We are currently brainstorming how we should implement this. If you have great ideas how we should do it, please let me know mikko@ekahau.com.

Will we be able to save the DWG file with APs on a separate layer, so after doing a plan we can send back to the architect to have data cabling installed?

Unfortunately this is not something we will be doing due to how complicated maintaining the CAD support is.

Are there plans to support other spectrum analyzer's other than the Wi-Spy DBX for Ekahau Pro integration? Is there always going to be the requirement to have Chanalyzer seperatly to get the spectrum functionality into Ekahau?

Unfortunately for now there are no plans to add support for other Spectrum Analyzers. You can also purchase the spectrum analyzer from MetaGeek. The bundle we sell always contains the Chanalyzer.

Will it be possible to see APs in the floor below/above in the 3D design tools? This would be very useful in terms of channel planning, especially when the floor plans are skewed.

Not at the moment but this is a great request. The more feedback an idea receives, the more likely it will be implemented!

Will there be an ability to copy and paste an AP? So you can quickly clone an AP with the same properties, (antenna type, angle etc.). It would speed up the planning process.

Yes, this feature is actually being developed as we speak.

Will it be possible to choose transmission speeds in auto planner 2.0?

You will be able to define the lowest supported/mandatory data rate.

Will you be able to define where APs cannot be placed (i.e. exclusion zones)?


Some new APs are IoT ready, is there going to be support for Bluetooth beacons etc.?

Not yet but this is something we are currently researching.

Can the High Capacity planner also deal with Fortinet Virtual Cell? (i.e. their "pod" recommendations)

Yes, the Auto-Planner can also create Single Channel Architecture designs.

Does the High Capacity planning module give any information on potential network/ bandwidth implications?

Yes, version 9.0 will provide you information on the total network bandwidth requirement based on the available Wi-Fi coverage and client capacity needs.


Has the export to PDF option been removed for reporting?

It was temporarily as we were completely re-writing the reporting tool, but it’s back in version 8.6.2!

Are you able to limit the number of devices per AP?

It is technically possible but only by editing the config xml files in the Ekahau Site Survey installation folder.

Does the planner predict Wi-Spy signals too?


Does Ekahau Site Survey provide required APs based on the number of users?

Yes and also based on device type and application requirements.

Should you place APs in rooms instead of corridors in an office environment?

Yes, put your APs where your clients are!

Is there full integration with 802.11ac and does the planner allow for a mix of 11n and 11ac clients?


Can you plan for APs that will be in monitor mode only?


Are the Ekahau NICs and Spectrum Analyser compatible with the Mac version?

You can use the Spectrum Analyzer, but not the Ekahau NIC-300-USB as there are no suitable drivers.

Is it possible to have the survey tool on one device and the planning tool on another so staff can be allocated to each task seperately?

Only if you have two licences (one for each device).

What is the recomended AP power setting for 2.4 and 5Ghz when you are planning for high capacity?

Always try to match the AP Radio Tx power with the client’s Tx capabilities. Cisco officially recommends matching with iOS devices which fall in the range of 9 dBm to 14 dBm. For more information we highly recommend you read Enterprise Best Practices for iOS Devices on Cisco Wireless LAN.

Is there a way to change the type of aerials being used on the survey? We do lots of warehouse surveys that have floor to ceiling shelving where omni directional antennas dont work very well, we want to be able to survey using directional based antennas.

Yes. See this video.

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