Open Reality to Host 13 ECSE Courses in the UK in 2020

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By Sam Cobley | 12/11/2019


Open Reality to Host 13 ECSE Courses in the UK in 2020

We’re delighted to announce that in 2020 we will hold no fewer than 13 ECSE courses in the UK.

Increasing demand for ECSE training in the UK, coupled with Ekahau’s launch of the ECSE Troubleshooting and ECSE Advanced certifications in 2019 means that 2020 will be our busiest year yet.

Keith Parsons and his team of industry experts run courses around the globe, with the UK courses held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Abingdon, just several hundred metres from our office.

In 2019 over 150 people graduated after attending a course in the UK hosted by Open Reality. Our 2020 UK course dates are:


10-13 February 2020
Ferney Munoz

24-27 March 2020
Peter MacKenzie

12-15 May 2020
Peter MacKenzie

30 June-03 July 2020
Peter MacKenzie

15-18 September 2020
Eddie Forero

26-29 October 2020
Keith Parsons

08-11 December 2020
François Vergès

ECSE Troubleshooting Badge

28 April-01 May 2020
Raymond Hendrix

07-10 July 2020
Eddie Forero

24-27 November 2020
Eddie Forero


21-23 April 2020
Blake Krone

13-15 July 2020
Blake Krone

01-03 December 2020
Blake Krone

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