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Alexa, provision me 50 VMs

June 2nd, 2017 by Mark Curry

Amazon Electra being used with Tintri“Hey Alexa, it’s time to write a blog about how Tintri simplifies enterprise cloud management.”

A number of software vendors are currently showcasing their “life changing” Amazon Alexa integrations. However, when you start to dig a little deeper some of these integrations aren’t really all that useful…. yet. In some cases, the agent simply provides a read-out of the data available on the product’s dashboard.

However, Tintri’s Alexa integration caught our eye because they are really trying hard to simplify access to enterprise cloud infrastructure. Not only is the interface great but more importantly it can abstract away complexity and apply automation to execute requests.

Asking all business units to understand and request IT services in terms that are understood by infrastructure teams isn’t always fit for business.  Complex, cumbersome and time consuming processes can lead to delays into the provisioning of IT services preventing users from getting on with their duties. Tintri have demonstrated that they can abstract some of these challenges away and allow non-experts to request what they need in simple, plain English terminology. Once requested, the automation and orchestration services drive action, ensuring that requests are routed to decision makers, even when they’re on the move!

This way of working could see huge efficiency improvements by enabling faster decision making and faster provisioning of IT services. IT consumers within the business can therefore do their jobs quicker, which in turn could be translated into keeping the business a step ahead of the competition.

It also raises an important question about how much more technology that was originally intended for home automation will start creeping into the workplace. If it is all implemented to this standard we can’t wait.

“Alexa, check spelling and grammar and then send this blog to the Marketing team.”

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