Who are Open Reality?

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Our Team

Who are Open Reality?

Our sales, technical, support and consultant teams are our biggest asset and what makes Open Reality successful. They are committed to customer success and have the drive, energy and enthusiasm needed to succeed in a market where success does not come easily. It’s these attributes that make us friendly and easy to work with. We don’t say this, our customers do!

We have worked with many of our customers for over 10 years and much of our new business comes as the result of word of mouth, from customers or vendor partners. We are regularly commended for our outstanding customer service and proactive approach to ensuring network and application success for our customers.

We’re extremely proud of our 40 strong team and go to great lengths to find and recruit the best people. Once on board we look after them and this is returned with loyalty and an exceedingly low staff turnover, which directly benefits customers through sales and service continuity.

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Our Reputation

We have built our business and reputation on our ability to translate the operational needs of our customers into IT solutions that guarantee the fast and effective delivery of applications to happy, efficient users.

We recognise the need for clarity in our leadership to grow a business that shares the same values, goals and objectives of our customers and partners. Under this core value system, Open Reality has a highly qualified team of technical, pre- and post-sale specialists who are considered by many customers to be a fundamental part of their IT and networking teams.

As the result of our focus on understanding and working with our customers in partnership we are the IT partner of choice for businesses and organisations of all size, across all sectors and markets. Our specialists are widely vendor accredited and we are endorsed by the NHS and as a result, linked to the NHS N3 cloud.

Our Leadership Team

The Open Reality leadership team is made up of expert network infrastructure specialists. We have practised experience and continue to share our expertise directly with customers.

As a management team, and as individuals, we are focused on delivering the products and services organisations need to be successful.

Duncan Little

Duncan Little – Managing Director

Duncan is responsible for implementing the company’s overall strategic direction, planning and day-to-day running of the business.

He co-founded Open Reality in 1999 with the vision to design, build, deliver and manage the best network communications and applications delivery platforms in the UK, servicing increasingly mobile workforces and expectant customers.

Duncan has a 25-year record of success and innovation in the IT sector. After graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Control Engineering, Duncan has enjoyed a varied career in IT support, journalism, marketing and sales. Starting his first IT business in 1992, Duncan is now Managing Director of both Open Reality and its cloud hosting business arm, BrightCloud, which he co-founded with Andy Grover in 2000.

Andy Grover, Technical Director

Andy Grover – Technical Director

With more than 30 years of technology experience, working in service delivery, service management, and systems and solutions design, Andy is a services specialist with a broad technology background.

Andy takes a discerning approach to IT problem-solving and has a proven track record for designing, delivering and managing innovative solutions that meet business needs, and overcome often longstanding operational issues.

In 2000, Andy co-founded BrightCloud with Duncan Little. He has driven our success in Citrix and VMware and masterminded the development of our own cloud services. Under Andy’s lead, BrightCloud was one of the very first cloud innovators and one of the first to offer cloud services that delivered immediate ROI.

Jon Mallard, Finance Director

Jon Mallard – Finance Director

Prior to joining the Open Reality management team in 2013, Jon ran a chartered accountancy practice with Open Reality being one of his main customers.  Jon is responsible for overseeing the company’s financial strategy and operations.

He has helped steer Open Reality through a successful period of growth and expansion. Jon has a strong belief that if you invest in the people that work for you, the rewards for the business will be great.

Last year, Jon over saw the refurbishment of the Abingdon sales office, creating an environment that inspires team work and job satisfaction, both core values of Open Reality. Jon has 20 years of financial experience, predominantly in the IT sector.


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+44 (0) 1235 556400 | sales@openreality.co.uk